Bugsy Malone

A popular show for youth theatres and schools, set in Chicago in the 1920ā€™sā€”30ā€™s telling the story of the rise of Bugsy Malone and the battle of power between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.

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We have a Bugsy Malone costumes includsing pinstriped suits, with waistcoats and trilbys for all the male characters: Bugsy, Ritzy, Laughing Boy, Snake Eyes, Shoulders, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.

Our chinese laundry workers can wear either coolie hats or bun tops. We have sequineed waistcoats with matching bow ties foir the tappers and gorgeous purple dresses for the show girls.

We have some lovely outfits for Blousey, Lena Marelli and Roxy.

Bugsy Malone Costume Gallery


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