The Wind in The Willows

Fabulous range of costumes for The Wind in the Willows depicting all your favourite characters. From Toad in his green tweedy drivers oufit and his washerwoman disguise, to Ratty with his bright boating jacketand mole in black velvet breeches and a pair of short sighted specs.

Wind in the Willows Images


Wind in the Willows for Schools

Popular with schools, the little animals can look delightful in 20s style costumes with little tails and ears added for effect.


For those wanting all in one animal suits and masks, we can do that too, with masks, ears and tails are available for purchase from our on-line store.

Rabbits, Mice, Otters and Weasels

Our bespoke costume service allows you to choose the exact costumes that you would like for your show and we are happy to discuss ears and tails with you.


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