Tudor and Medieval

Our hire range of beautiful costumes in authentic fabrics and styles for medieval and tudor events includes dresses, tunics, and suits made from velvets and brocades.

Medieval and Tudor Banquets

Our quality costumes are suitable for depicting Henry VIII and his wives, Romeo and Juliet, Blackadder, shakespearian plays and for medieval banquets, tudor re-enactments and fancy dress.

You can select noble men and women, gamekeepers, servants or serfs from our superb range of top quality costumes and accessories. With rails of dresses and costumes and boxes of ruffs, headresses and hats we know you will find the exact costume to suit you.

Lovely childrens tudor outfits suitable for school tudor days are also  available in a range of sizes with a choice of headress, cloak or crown.



Our quality costumes are suitable for productions of Blackadder or themed events. Look on our theatre costumes sets for the characters for Blackadder series 2 and 3.