Made in Dagenham

60s wear for the working class

The true story of the 1967 sewing machinists strike at the Ford Dagenham plant where 187 underpaid women machinists demanded equal pay, brings history to life with a humorous script and some fab musical numbers  including ‘Busy Woman’, ‘Everybody Out’ and ‘Stand Up’

Main character Rita O’Grady the women’s shop steward, juggles her home life with work at the factory. She wears blouses and slacks at home and a simple patterned shift dress for work, concealed most of the time by the iconic blue work-coat with the Ford logo that are worn by all the female machine workers.

All of the ladies require 60s day wear – above the knee shift dress or skirt and work coat. Short 60s overcoats and macs make the scene for leaving the factory at the end of the day and some short evening dresses with glitter for attending the club in the evening.

Other characters include Harold Wilson the Prime Minister at the time, Chubby Chuff the comedian at the club in his loud checked suit and bow tie, Mr Tooley the boss of Ford in America with his loud American style suit and Stetson and Barbara Castle in her smart dress suits.

Costumes with an American flavour

To provide an American flavour to several dance numbers, we have an Uncle Sam stars and stripes suit, American footballers and cheerleaders.