Calamity Jane

We hold a great selection of Calamity Jane costumes, from fringed cowboy jackets and Stetsons for the men and Calamity, through to show girl dresses for the theatre scenes, glamorous 50’s ball gowns for the party and 50’s style wedding dresses. Contact us here.

Calamity Jane is the story of a tomboy living in the backwater town of Deadwood.  The story is set in 1950’s Chicago, after a mix up in a talent competition in Deadwoods saloon theatre.

Calamity heads to Chicago City to obtain the glamorous actress Adelaide Adams for Deadwood, but returns by mistake with her maid Katie Brown.

Katie and Calamity form a friendship and Katie falls for Lieutenant Denny Gilmartin, which upsets Calamity. After a bust up at the ball, Calamity realises that she is in love with Wild Bill Hickock after all and they all live happily ever with a double wedding.

Calamity Jane Characters

Other characters in the musical include: Harry Miller, Francis Fryer, Susan Miller and Rattlesnake.


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