Victorian, Edwardian and WW1 (1900s)

We have a varied range of quality Victorian and Edwardian style clothing in stock at our Newton Longville store. We have lots of choice for day wear, evening wear, gentry and peasants for adults and children with accessories to authenticate the outfit.

Quality childrens outfits are also available for Dickens and Victorian Days. Choose from tailcoats and dresses, maids outfits and orphans.

All our hire costumes are made from quality fabrics and some are even authentic garments from the period. You can put together a superb outfit to suit you from our extensive stock and choose hats and accessories to complete your costume for an all inclusive price.

Victorian costume gallery


WW1 re-enactments

For WW1 re-enactments, plays and events we have military uniforms, nurses, factory workers, suffragettes, police and everyday wear for poorer folk.

Our authentically styled clothes are suitable for many shows including Oliver, a Christmas Carol, Oh What a Lovely War and The Accrington Pals.

Victorian fairs and museum open days

Our superb quality Victorian outfits are a popular choice for Victorian Fairs, museum open days and Victorian themed weddings