Mary Poppins

Everyone loves the children’s classic story of Mary Poppins, the eccentric nanny who appears by magic to look after Jane and Michael Banks.  The children have the time of their lives embarking on a series of fantastical adventures with Mary and her cockney friend Bert.

Practically perfect in every way – Mary Poppins costumes

Mary Poppins the main character has a wonderful skirt and jacket with the customary tie on boater hat with flowers and ribbons. She changes into a long lace dress with red waist clincher and straw boater for the ‘Jolly Holiday’ number.

Bert is a chimney sweep, wearing tweed trousers, scruffy jacket and cap, changing into white trousers and striped boating jacket for Jolly Holiday.

Mr and Mrs Banks and the bankers

We have an excellent Mr Banks in his smart suit and bowler hat for working at the bank, his banking colleagues in their tailcoats and Mrs Banks in elegant Edwardian attire with hat, gloves and parasol.

Jane and Michael are dressed as Edwardian children; Jane with her knee length dress and over pinny and John in short tweed trousers and a wool pullover.

We have maids, Miss Corry the owner of  a magical talking shop in bright striped skirt, bodice, cape and bonnet, and a rather severe costumes for Mr Bank’s Nanny.

Chimney sweeps and kite flyers

For the chorus our waistcoats and neckties are brilliant for your chimney sweeps, skirts, shawls, jackets and capes for your townsfolk and kite fliers, and of course skirt, apron and shawl for the raggedy old bird woman.

Mary Poppins is a fabulous show for schools, with wonderful songs and great costumes to bring it all to life. The individual characters from the story make them an excellent choice for book days and fancy dress.

Edwardian costumes in all sizes for rich and poor

At Admiral we have a superb collection of Edwardian era costumes suitable for your production in all sizes from child to adult and we are happy to supply full casts or individuals.