Les Miserables

Based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, Les Miserables is set in 1815 France during the French revolution.

It follows the story of convict Jean Valjean who is released from prison and after being befriended by Bishop Myriel, starts an honest life under a new identity.

The involved plot follows Valjean as he becomes a wealthy factory owner and adopts Cosette, a daughter of one of his factory workers. As she grows up and falls in love with a French student, the past comes back to haunt Valjean amidst the backdrop of a political uprising.

We have a great set of Les Miserables costumes suitable for this show from the poor urchins, the young Cosette and Gavroch,  the prostitutes in the Thenardiers tavern, Marius and the students in their tailcoats and rosettes,  Valjean in his smart waistcoat and cravat and Cosette when she becomes a rich lady.

Les Miserables Costume Gallery


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