Sweeney Todd

After 15 years in exile, Benjamin Barker returns to London with a new identity – Sweeney Todd. He sets up shop as a barber in Fleet Street and starts murdering customers who have done him wrong in the past.

He meets Mrs Lovett who owns the pie shop opposite and the bodies find their way into her pies………………

This musical thriller has excellent music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and is set in 19th century London.

We have a great selection of 19th century style costumes suitable for this type of production. From the poor street boys, ladies dresses rich and poor, to the frockcoats of gentlemen and the flambouant stage wear for Adolfo Pirelli, we have something to suit.

Characters include: Sweeney Todd the demon barber, Mrs Lovett the widowed pie maker, Tobias Ragg a street urchin, Adolfo Pirelli the circus performer, and Johanna, Benjamins love.

Sweeney Todd Costume Gallery