Carousel is the popular musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, written in 1945.

It tells the story of Billy Bigelow and his romance with mill worker Julie Jordan. They lose their jobs over the affair and Billy attempts a robbery to support Julie and the baby.

A secondary plot follows another mill worker, Connie Pepperidge and her romance with fisherman Enoch Snow.

We have some gorgeous costumes for this show for all the main female characters, Julie, Carrie, Nettie, Mullin and Louise with lots of lovely dresses and hats with gloves and accessories to choose from.

For the male characters we have check trousers and striped top for Billy, Pea jacket and stripe shirt for Jigger, braided suits for Enoch and the other working men and a frock coat and Stetson for Bascombe.

We also have plenty of nautical tops and caps, gingham dresses shawls and petticoats  for the chorus scenes.


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