The Wizard of Oz

Costumes for the main characters

From the Wizard of Oz himself, Dorothy and her parents, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow, we have a good selection of costumes for a Wizard of Oz themed party or event.

Choose from the wicked witch of the west in green and black, or the good witch in white glittery dress and stripey socks




Lots of country style costumes, skirts, aprons, bonnets and bloomers for the female munchkins and top hats, coloured waistcoats and tailcoats for the gents and boys.


Emerald City

Green guard costumes and a variety of green costumes for the inhabitants of Emerald City

Kansas City Costumes

Lots of amazing american ‘cowboy’ style costumes for the american country chorus are available to choose from, gingham dresses and skirts, dungarees, leather waistcoats, stetsons, straw hats, bonnets and checked shirts. These costumes are also suitable for productions of ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Curtains’

Our quality costumes are suitable for individuals, schools, drama groups and themed events.

Snazaroo silver facepaint for the tin man is available in store

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