Alice in Wonderland

Costumes for Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

From the Mad Hatter himself to the White Rabbit, Alice and the Queen of Hearts, we have a good selection of costumes for a Wonderland themed party or event.

There are lots of character costumes to choose from for adults and children in our store in Little Horwood.

Costumes for The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

A popular choice for a themed party, with the Mad hatter in his frock coat and broken top hat, Alice in her blue dress and apron, then lots of little animals; mice, dormice, hares and the White Rabbit in his blue waistcoat and clock chain.


 School and youth productions

A brilliant choice for young actors and productions with a large cast. We have a large number of tabards and morph suits for the ‘cards’, lots of mouse tails, the knave of hearts in his knight style tabard and some really cool costumes for The Cheshire Cat and Caterpiller.